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Why it's time for single-use, and CultureOne


From greater flexibility to shorten time to market, and increased assurance of patient safety - several factors have driven the growing transition to single-use processing in the biopharma industry.  And CultureOne delivers dependable, high-quality performance.


As the market’s first proven, premium separator for single-use biopharmaceutical processing, processors can expect gentle treatment, increased yield and maximum separation efficiency - creating new possibilities for processing cell-culture-based fermentations.


Solving your harvest challenges, reducing downstream steps


Are increased molecule densities making it difficult?  Do higher densities limit yields and bottleneck your operations? CultureOne reduces the losses, and helps eliminate ballroom bottlenecks. There will also be no need for filter acids or flocculants - saving additional downstream process steps and time.


Who has time for batch or non-repeatable processes?


Did you know CultureOne can continuously concentrate biomass or molecule cultures up to 95% v/v - and is completely repeatable? And, it's 100% single-use. After all, your scientists and bio-engineers don't have the time for endless validation or cleaning steps. 



Continuous operation

Enables fact processing time, with reliable, predictable steady-state operation. In fact, CultureOne processing times are often less then or equal to only four hours.


ContinuousWhy batch is out, and continuous is in

A separation technique which operates continually results in a steady state condition. The result is a more stable, predictable process performance, without the process upsets associated with batch. A continuous approach = A simplified operation.

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Exceptional yield, recover more

We know you need to recover as many valuable modules as possible, regardless of cell densities. And CultureOne is especially well-suited for high titer processes, providing the highest biomass concentrations possible, with continuous concentrate output.


TopStream2The secret behind increased yield

The enemy of cell lysis and ultimately lower yield is shear thinning. Understanding the shear thinning properties of a cell culture is what makes continuous separation possible. And once we can treat the biomass as a liquid, then CultureOne with patented TopStreamTM technology provides those higher concentrations and yields.


Squeeze flow test


Minimizes additional lysis

Tired of dealing with molecule lysis?  CultureOne is equipped with fully hermetic technology, which helps to keep cells intact.


Hermetic design 2Why a hermetic centrifuge is so important

A hermetic design starts with the inlet and outlet, as they impact velocity of material. A hermetic, bottom-fed design is ideal for all cell cultures, as the hermetic inlet spreads the shear forces over a greater area, providing very gentle acceleration of fermentation broth. 




Hermetic chart